REMUS レムス RSCデュアルフロー スリップオンマフラー Vespa GTS300 ie-マフラー

AKRAPOVIC(アクラポヴィッチ) マフラー サイレンサー [e1仕様] スリップオンライン カーボン NC700/750S/X/INTEGRA 12-19 品番:S-H7SO2-HRC

REMUS レムス RSCデュアルフロー スリップオンマフラー Vespa GTS300 ie-マフラー

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・マフラータイプ:RSC Dual Flow

Custom-made design
Hot sound
Powerful torque
EC homologation





Vespa GTS300 ie 16- Super MA3C|15.6 kW|Euro 4

The REMUS RSC Dual Flow brings not only powerful and distinctive sound,but also a new look to the world of automatic four-strokers.The REMUS Dual Flow for Vespa is available as a slip-on system (muffler with connecting tube) together with heat shield in a stainless steel version and in a carbon design; with the extra available plug-in catalytic converter the permit for the road is guaranteed.Even without changes to the mapping of the injection system provides REMUS a small increase in performance. In addition to the ”enhanced sound”,the great design and high manufacturing quality of the dual-flow exhaust system will probably be the main reasons for giving the REMUS exhaust a try.

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